Darlsborough University 2

Darlsborough University 2
Darlsborough University 2

When Jordan drives across the country to visit his girlfriend at her new university, he’s blissfully unaware that the entire study body at the University of Darlsborough soar to 500 feet tall. While struggling to comprehend why she withheld this minor detail he finds himself swept into their world. A clumsy best friend, an evil housemate, staff that protect the students above all else and a town where the economy adapts to serve the needs of the students all contribute to his increasing feeling of isolation and vulnerability. As Bridgette struggles to deal with how helpless her boyfriend is will the relationship survive?

Tags: giantess, mega giantess

Released November 21, 2013
15 pages + cover
Story by Jordan Macrophile
Artwork by Octo
This issue is part of the Darlsborough University series.

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