Goddess ADBC

Goddess ADBC
Goddess ADBC

Lisa, an average woman living in an average city in the middle of America, lives her life based around a routine that blends her days together into one giant swatch of grayness that threatens to follow her for the rest of her life. Wrestling with the bills, trying a different diet every other month to get her ass a bit smaller with no result except for a lighter purse, and driving in a rundown car that clunks with years of abuse, Lisa has come to the edge of accepting the fact that nothing will ever change and that more importantly 'she' can never change anything no matter what she does, leaving her a as mere pawn of society… yet things are in store for her.

Tags: giantess, mega-gts

Released November 28, 2011
15 pages + cover
Story by JT
Artwork by GFX
This issue is part of the Goddess ADBC series.

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