The Starring Role

The Starring Role
The Starring Role

Ralph Green, a giantess aficionado, pays a visit to the home of GW Films, where he encounters both his fondest dream and worst nightmare. Georgina West, the director of a series of giantess films, has a shrinking device that she uses on men to make her look like a giantess—and she is, to them. Many POV shots, contrasting his puny size to her vastness. After she tricks Ralph into shrinking, she plays with him, abuses him, and inserts him into her latest film.

Tags: Shrinking, shrunken man, heavy S&M, humiliation, science

Released June 28, 2018
15 pages + cover
Story by Aaron Farkas
Artwork by Altercomics-FRANTIC
This issue is part of the Starring Role series.

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