Training Ground

Training Ground
Training Ground

A race of space faring warrior giantesses, the Maneta, roams our corner of the Milky Way. When not battling other clans, they train and test their combat skills against primitive cultures like Earth's humans. If a civilization is more advanced, they steal what they can and adapt it to their culture. If the planet is too primitive, they capture and evaluate their combat potential and schedule a time to revisit. Cultures in the combat Goldilocks zone, like Earth’s, send them into a near frenzy to win prestige in battle. Counting coup is one of the fastest paths to promotion. This story takes place in the near future when the Maneta return to evaluate Earth's potential as a training ground. First, gather intelligence. Next, who knows?

Tags: giantess, multiple gts, conquest, destruction, evil, alien woman, science fiction, science

Released January 28, 2015
15 pages + cover
Story by JR
Artwork by Salomon

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