Wonders of the New World

Wonders of the New World
Wonders of the New World

In the early 17th century, a group of enterprising men from the Virginia Company strikes out for fame, fortune, and adventure! Little do they realize that the ancient powers of the New World have plans of their own in store for these encroaching foreigners. While the Europeans have profit on the mind, two young native women, Tahki and Nuttah, are out on a routine walk in the forest to gather herbs. When the loggers are mysteriously shrunk in the path of these graceful natives, the future of the Virginia Company in the New World is suddenly shaken in the beginning of this alternate history!

Tags: Micro, shrink, feet, unaware, humiliation, butt

Released April 28, 2017
15 pages + cover
Story by Cedwyn
Artwork by Raffaele Ricciardo, Francesca Carotenutoz
This issue is part of the Wonders of the New World series.

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