A Big Sacrifice

The pharmacist representative with the fetish for shrunken women has been repaid for helping the island's people. He'd finally gotten to experience his impossible fantasy. The volcano ceased its threatened eruptions as the representative flew home... but the story did not end there.

The chief’s daughter was still stuck in a 3 inch tall body, so she asked her father to bring her someone with the fantasy for GROWING women. In less time than either of them predicted, such a man was found and summoned to the island to perform the exact same ritual with her in the hopes of restoring her original size.

However, the ritual's power (and the new man's unfiltered lust) caused her to gain far more than just her lost inches and turned her into a 1000 foot tall monster who towered over the island she called home. Tired of being tormented by the whims of her volcano god, the newly grown giantess took her revenge on it by sitting down and inserting her vagina atop of it.

The man with the giantess fetish smiled as he absent-mindedly wondered how big she could get...

Story by Dante123
Artwork by SednaStudio-Dai

High resolution (3300x5100)

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