A Giantess Hero

After testing many different variations of the growth formula doctor Ryan finally felt like he had a success giving a dose to a lab chimp. Doctor Ryan and his assistant Dana watched as the small animal began to grow to monstrous proportions bursting out of the lab. As the chaos was ensuing outside doctor Ryan came up with a plan to save the city, his assistant Dana would take some growth formula to grow to the size of the monster chimp and save the city while doctor Ryan came up with an antidote. 'No way I don't want to turn into a monster!' was Dana's first response but after a convincing talk with the doctor she realized it was the only way to save the city. She grabbed the vial and drank the formula, in an instant she began to grow after finishing her transformation Dana went to confront the monster and bring it down to size.

Story by LONT028
Artwork by SednaStudio-Hart

High resolution (2481x3508)

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