A Pleasurable Perch

Elizabeth woke up on a day that seemed like any other, but seeing that her roommate's bed was empty, Elizabeth believed she was in the room alone. Her roommate Sarah preferred that, if she was present, Liz would refrain from masturbating, but when she wasn't home, it was fair game.

Taking this opportunity, Liz began to enjoy herself... until she came up with an interesting idea. She decided to masturbate while sitting on Sarah's bed, and noted that Sarah left her clothes up by her pillow. When she reached her hands inside the shirt to get a feel of it, she felt something small bump up against her finger. Upon closer and careful inspection, she discovered it was her roommate Sarah!

After a brief bit of talking with Sarah while Sarah sat on Liz's hand, it seemed Sarah was asleep when she shrank down to a quite small size of just over an inch or two tall, and she only woke up when Liz ventured over to her bed. Despite wiping her hand off, Liz's smell was still on the finger that had been used to comfort Sarah, and Liz could tell it was having an effect on her roommate. Since she had been interrupted, she came up with an idea for how to include Sarah in her masturbation this time. It didn't take much convincing since Sarah was now somewhat aroused herself, but both knew that this wouldn't be like their fooling around in the past.

Story by Aquanid
Artwork by Altercomics_Andrestronik

High resolution (3412x3508)

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