A Sizeable Difference

Vanessa smiled. Their faces got closer. They kissed passionately. They looked down. The cops had gathered by their feet, along with Vanessa's parents. Doug's parents drove up in a car the size of Doug's feet.

"I wonder how they feel down there," Vanessa mused. "Looking up at giants above them."

Doug laughed. "They ain't seen nothing yet."

Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash! Thunder clapped! Vanessa felt a shock. She'd been struck by lightning!

For a moment, she just stood there with her eyes closed. At her height, she realized, she was going to be something of a lightning rod. Then she opened her eyes.

Doug was gone!

She looked around. Everything had changed. Then she looked down. She saw Doug. He came to only about halfway up her shins! The houses were now like dollhouses to her. That flash of lightning was the biggest energy surge she could have gotten! She'd grown absolutely gigantic! Using Doug as a gauge, she estimated she was over five hundred feet tall!

The rain now felt like a fine mist to her.

She leaned way, way down and scooped Doug up. He might be a giant to everybody else, but he was like a baby to her. "My god!" the eighty-foot baby said in awe. "You're enormous!"

Vanessa clutched Doug to her breast and carried him to the park, where she could lie down on the hill. "Tomorrow is supposed to be bright and sunny," she said. "Something tells me I haven't stopped growing yet..."

Story by Thrawn
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (3420x5052)

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