A Slight Overcorrection

Dr. Rollen had been trying to get her size-ray to work, but after spending over a year on it, she had all but given up. Little did she know, that not only did she get it to work, but while her husband was having a few friends over, the size-ray had shrunken him along with his friend, David.

Knowing that his wife was out shopping, Mr. Rollen tried calling to his other friends, Ashley and Barbara, hoping that they would be able to help them. Fortunately, the girls o find the men and try to fix the problem. Unfortunately, because they didn't know how to correctly use the size-ray, they ended up shrinking themselves! However, the girls end up about four times larger than the boys, so it wasn't quite as bad as what happened to the boys. Things also brightened when Dr. Rollen sounded finally gotten home.

After, a series of tiny adventures, they finally get the attention of Dr. Rollen, who after discovering what enabled the size-ray to fire in the first place, realized how to bring her husband and his friends back to their original size. However, when firing the size-ray, the beam only hits Ashley and Barbara, and the girls end up growing so big that their heads smash against the roof as their bodies quickly fill up the room. In the their panic, they accidently smash the size-ray, meaning that until Dr. Rollen builds a new size-ray, everyone was stuck at their various sizes.

Story by BobLoblaw
Artwork by Mauro Vargas

High resolution (2973x4093)

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