A Very Hellsing Christmas

At Hellsing HQ, Christmas was being celebrated. Seras Victoria was finishing up the last decorations before her boss, Integra, and her Master, Alucard, arrived.

She was trying to reach the top of the massive Christmas tree to place the star on it but was unable to quite reach it. Mumbling to herself, she wished that the tree could've been much smaller compared to her.

Then there was a blinding light... And suddenly, her uniform began to tighten and rip apart! Her whole body began to expand and she shot straight up into the ceiling and slammed her head against it!

Seras had to sit awkwardly as she could feel her upper body press against the hard ceiling. Now sitting on the floor, the, once small, vampire girl, was now a BIG vampire girl...

Story by Redacegod
Artwork by ZeroHour99

High resolution (4897x3876)

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