A Weekend Alone: Everyone is Watching

After Neil was nowhere to be found, Sarah decided to go home and have some alone time. She really missed Neil, and she was so excited to have fun with him that weekend. Oh well, Sarah was still going to enjoy her night either way! Once she got home, she walked into her room, took out her favorite toy and did what she always did when she missed Neil.

Unfortunately for Neil, him and the rest of the shrunken neighbors thought it was a good idea to try to get help from Sarah. They got to her room safely and waited patiently for her arrival, no idea of the perils that awaited them once she arrived. When Sarah entered the room, they all shouted and jumped up in joy... but she did not notice them. To their horror, she got undressed, crushing countless people under her feet.

They thought the worst was over, but then they saw it. Sarah's massive purple dildo, immeasurably bigger than the lot of them. They tried to run away, but, before they knew it, Sarah rolled the dildo on the floor in front of her and got on her knees. She proceeded to have fun with her toy, all while terrified shrunken people were crushed, flung around, and lost inside her. Sarah thought she was all alone that night; however, everyone was watching her, including Neil, who shouted and shouted, but could not get her attention.

Story by Marcus Fenix
Artwork by Picojin

High resolution (3300x4200)

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