A Weekend Alone: Release the Kraken

Natalie Veronica headed to the her friend's pool party as giddy as can be. She just bought a brand new, red bikini that she couldn't wait to show off. Once she got to the party, all eyes were on her. The guys couldn't stop staring, and the girls were whispering to each other saying nasty things out of jealousy.

As she began to swim and enjoy the beautiful summer day, a huge boom went off, and a bright flash of light illuminated the entire backyard. Lucky for Natalie, she was swimming underwater and the shrink ray didn't effect her, but unfortunately for the party goers, they all shrunk to microscopic size.

Confused about what just happened, Natalie emerged from the pool and rested her elbows and huge breasts on the side of the pool to get a good look around. She was completely unaware of the commotion below. The tiny people slowly opened their eyes and began to look around. Unsure of what just happened, they slowly acclimated to their surroundings.

Before they could get themselves together, the sky darkened. They looked up and saw something huge completely block the sky. Well, actually two huge, red things.
The two mountains came crashing down before they could even move. They were crushed to a red pulp without even knowing what was going on. Those who were lucky enough to be just outside of the crash zone flew back from the impact. They screamed in terror and began to run in all directions as they realized that they had been shrunk to bug size, while the beautiful Natalie Veronica remained untouched. At their size, she seemed like a huge sea monster, like the kraken emerging from the depths of the ocean.

Story by Marcus Fenix
Artwork by Jieun

High resolution (2550x3300)

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