A Weekend Alone: Shoe Troubles

Roger and Raymond ride the fly and try to catch Elizabeth's attention after reuniting with the shrunken Neil. However, when they get close, all Elizabeth perceives is an annoyance and swats at them. While managing to avoid the impending hand, the fly's abrupt change in course causes the shrunken trio to tumble off. Fortunately, they were spared by a soft landing; unfortunately, the soft landing was the padding of Elizabeth's shoes, which she had removed to allow her feet to breathe. A shadow appears above before the three can regroup and plan an escape. Looking up, they saw Elizabeth's massive foot racing towards them. Not seeing a safe and speedy route out, the trio runs further into the shoe in the hopes of completely avoiding it. However, Elizabeth continues about her day when her feet are firmly placed into the shoe, unaware of the misery she was subjecting Neil, Roger, and Raymond to at the whim of her toes.

Story by F-Paladin
Artwork by Picojin

High resolution (3300x4200)

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