A Weekend Alone: Wrath of Gormott

It was a lovely, warm morning day. Nia and her Blade, Dromarch, are wandering through the fields of Gormott, as the pair get ready to head off to meet with some 'acquaintances'.

Along the way, Nia keeps getting pestered by a lone flying bug, one that seemed to favor her chest and butt area. Getting annoyed, Nia seizes an opportunity to get rid of the pesky fly as she raises her foot above it, as she readies an attempt to get rid of the bug, but she had no idea of its passenger.

Neil was unsure how he got there. One minute, he and the fly were dodging Mary-Jean and Valerie, but now the pair had ended up in an open field, and to make things worse, the fly had gotten on the nerves of what appeared to be a cat girl with more anger than even Mary-Jean. All Neil can do is try and hold on while the fly flutters around Nia's body as she tries to kill it.

Story by F-Paladin
Artwork by Picojin

High resolution (3300x4200)

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