A Weekend Together

Valerie kept scoring free drinks and sharing them with Mary-Jean. Mary-Jean was trying to moderate Valerie's intake, but then starts to enjoy the attention as other patrons begin sending her a few drinks as well.

After a few too many to count, they get a ride home, where they try to put each other to bed, but instead, Mary-Jean and Val begin to drunkenly confess their undying friendship to each other, and shower the other with compliments. One thing leads to another, and Mary-Jean begins to fondle her good friend, Val.

Val more than readily accepts her affection and strips down. They then begin to drunkenly make out with a lot of fondling and caressing. Mary-Jean reaches over to her nightstand and pulls out her dildo, but Val takes it from Mary-Jean and begins to use it on herself while her lover continues embracing her splayed out body.

Unaware to both of them, several shrunken people are along for their amorous activities. The pervy fly, along with passengers, is getting the best seat in the house, while other shrunken passengers are being subjected to experiencing Mary-Jean and Val’s lust first hand.

Sarah, concerned for her drunk friends, uses her phone to find their location. She hears incoherent drunken speech coming from their bedroom, but is horrified to walk into the room to find Mary-Jean and Val. She quickly closes the door, but Mary-Jean and Val are too drunk to notice.

Story by Perrypenguin
Artwork by Picojin

High resolution (3300x4200)

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