Adrian's Mysterious Growth

Ika was bewildered. She'd become college roommates with her best friend Adrian several months ago, and things had been going well for the first few days.

That is, until Ika noticed that Adrian was getting taller. It wasn't obvious at first, as Adrian had started as a lofty 6' 4' to Ika's 5' 10' when they first moved in together, but it wasn't long before Adrian was ducking her head under doorways she had comfortably fit under before.

Ika was ready to write it off as a late growth spurt... until the day she noticed that Adrian couldn't stand up straight under the 7 foot tall ceilings anymore. When Ika brought it up with her, Adrian just smiled slyly and told her that she had no idea what she was talking about. Further questions yielded the same result until Ika got tired of asking and just dropped it.

Several months later and Adrian now stood twice as tall as their 10 story apartment complex. Her formerly A cup breasts were now as large (proportionally) as Ika's own massive M cups. Well, on Ika they were massive. On Adrian they were the size of cottages.

Remarkably, Adrian was still able to get a hold of clothing in her size... but most of the time chose to walk around in little more than tank-tops and underpants, choosing to show off her new assets (as well as her butt, which was impressive even before her recent transformations).

Ika now regularly tried to bring up the subject of Adrian's growth spurt, but her roommate still kept giving her the same smile and telling her that she didn't have any idea what she was talking about. It frustrated Ika to no end. She knew something was up. Even now she could see Adrian slowly increasing in size as they talked.

The only thing that upset her more about the whole situation was that the mysterious growth hadn't affected her as well.

Story by TheMisterStupid
Artwork by Shonemitsu, Mohan

High resolution (2550x3507)

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