Age of Storm

A passage from chapter X, "Ascension," in the Book of Storm, the holy text of the Church of Ororo on Earth-959:

"As a member of the X-Men, our beloved God-Empress Storm served valiantly alongside other like-minded mutants in their heroic efforts to protect defenseless members of their kind, as well the humans that largely feared and hated them, from all manners of threats. Yet, despite the love and admiration that she received from her fellow X-Men, Storm secretly longed for the days of her youth, where tribes on the Serengeti plain of Africa worshiped her as a nature goddess for using her mutant gift of weather control to aid communities stricken with drought and famine. As protector of these unfortunate people, our Goddess was treated as the divine being that she truly was, instead of being regarded merely as a very powerful member of a team of super-powered outcasts that were viewed as abominations by most of the world."

"It was this desire to be worshiped once more that pushed Storm to seize the unimaginable powers she rightly deserved. Responding to a crisis in a city known as New York, the X-Men discovered that one of their oldest and most powerful enemies, the immortal mutant Apocalypse, was attempting to open a nexus point in reality using a mixture of science and sorcery. Through this focal point, Apocalypse would use its almost limitless energy to empower his already incredible mutant abilities to become the omnipotent master of creation. One by one, all of the X-Men were defeated by Apocalypse's unstoppable might - expect for Storm, who seemingly perished when she used all of her remaining strength to call down a massive lightning strike, seemingly vaporizing both her and Apocalypse."

"The X-Men had barely begun to mourn their fallen comrade when a series of strange weather phenomena started to happen all around the city. Suddenly, a giant portal materialized in the bay, from which emerged a very-much-alive Storm, towering larger than any man-made structure on Earth. Tempted by the unlimited power of the nexus, Storm had used her ultimate attack on Apocalypse to claim its energy for herself. She experienced an impossible transformation as she was transported to a higher plane of existence, the infinite energy causing her to die and be reborn over and over for what felt like an eternity, until Storm's mind and body had been completely altered, infusing her with powers that enabled her to bend reality at her will and turn her into a truly all-powerful goddess. Displaying her new divine might upon returning to the mortal world by growing to a gigantic size suitable for the new almighty ruler of the universe, one of the Goddess's first acts was to pick up a great statue standing in the harbor like it was a toy. Towering over her puny mutant teammates and millions of speck-like humans, Storm proclaimed that her ascension to godhood was the beginning of a new age: the Age of Storm. With a flick of her hand, the new goddess used a tiny portion of her power to call a massive tempest to wipe away New York, before building a new city on its ruins. This would be the birth of New Ororo, which would serve as her capital as she assumed the title of eternal God-Empress of Earth and ruler of all cosmos."

Story by Mr Red
Artwork by Altercomics-Emilaino Urdinola

High resolution (6265x8858)

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