Ahri’s Absolute Triumph

They all tried to stop her, but failed in the end. Ahri had consumed enough souls on her home world that absolutely no one could fight her on even ground. Not able to contain so much power, her body naturally began to enlarge her form in order to hold more souls. Nations fell as wars were fought against her and ultimately lost... and all while she continued to grow bigger and more powerful.

As she ascended from her planet, Ahri consumed every last soul it had left to offer and she grew wildly beyond even her own imagination. Thus began the cycle of neighbouring planets and worlds becoming even more power to fuel her growing body, which in turn then craved for even more power. Eventually, she started to consume entire star systems.

Now she has her eyes set on a next star system that the inhabitants of the only habitable planet called simply "Sol." They won’t stop her. They can’t stop her. All of existence will eventually become one with Ahri. This is her destiny, after all!

Story by Dream-A
Artwork by SednaStudio-BigJ

High resolution (3300x5100)

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