Ahri's Game

After Ahri gained a tremendous new source of magical energy through an ancient ritual, her rise to power was a quick and destructive one. Sometime later, she grew bored of her home world after having her fun with it for too long (not that there was much left anyway).

Calling her powers to aid, she somehow found a way into a new plane of existence where she discovered that the people there play a so-called “video game” with characters from her old world (including herself). So, she decided to play games with the humans here for her own twisted amusement.

Starting to grow in the middle of one of their largest cities, chaos erupted fast.

As the gigantic figure of Ahri leaned over the city, she uttered only one sentence:

'If you want to play with me, you'd better be sure you know the game.'

Story by Dream-A
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2038x3150)

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