Alice's Ex

Brian had been in a relationship with Alice for a few months, but he knew that he never loved her. He only wanted to use her for her body, and also because she would help him with his job, which required a lot of home-based, analytical thinking and math. However, one night he finally decided one evening to quit his job, and to quit his girlfriend.

The moment he broke the news to Alice she was feeling every negative emotion known to exist, and she stormed straight out of the room. Brian didn't really care to chase her. In fact, after about 30 minutes had passed, he was already beginning to enjoy the peaceful life, leaning back in his chair and watching his favorite movie. He never really had any friends. Alice was the only person he really half bothered to interact with. On this "upsetting" night, he decided it was getting late, and so he leaned forward as he was about to get up and turn the movie off to go to bed. That's when, suddenly, a portal opened up below his chair, and he fell into it, he was then spat straight out the other end. He was dazed at first from the slight tumble he experienced through the portal and to the other side. But it wasn't long until he realized where he was and what had happened.

He stood firmly on his desk in his new shrunken form. He looked back up at the portal, but it disappeared within a flash. Brian was clueless and started to panic, "Why did this happen?" he thought. Also, what were the odds of it happening to him? He looked over the edge of the desk, but there was not a chance he could drop down. It would likely result in death if he tried.

Brian then remembered, he had his mobile phone in his pocket, and surely if the clothes had shrunk with him, then his phone would have shrunk too. He nervously reached into his pocket, and bingo, his phone was intact and working! He knew if he could call a family member, he'd have a good chance of getting some assistance, otherwise he could starve, or worse...

When he navigated to the contacts section of his phone, his bedroom door burst back open. It was Alice.... She muttered that she had forgotten her phone when she stormed off earlier. Upon picking it up, she realized that Brian was no longer in the room. After a few minutes of texting him and not getting a reply, she had realized that Brian was standing on the desk. He was frozen. He was terrified, but at the same time, relieved. He stuttered nervously, demanding that she help him fix this, and that she should promise not to tell anyone.

Alice quickly became furious that he'd even ask for help after breaking her heart. He was surprised she responded in such a way, without even being shocked over his size. That was when he remembered her vaguely talking about these portals which were randomly opening up, but he never listened most of the time, because he honestly didn't care. Brian brought this up to her gigantuan figure, pointing at her, asking her to explain everything she knows. That was when she snatched him up and wrapped her hand around his body making a fist, leaving only his shoulders and head free. She explained that she already told him multiple times. She also explained that she could help him, but she'd need to put him somewhere first before they set off together. She gestured towards her vagina. Brian retorted that he doesn't love her, and doesn't want anything to do with that, or "her" portals. He just wants her to get away from her and back to his normal size. That was when Alice came up with an idea. She met him with a smug and devilish grin and she explained that she has an idea how to fix this entire problem so that no one will ever find out about what happened here.

She then pulled down her pants and slightly leaned forward, revealing her butt. Brian started pleading, but Alice retorted that he was always a pain in her ass and this time she wasn't going to help him with his demands. Afterall, she was the "smart, portal lady", and so, she was going to help herself.

Story by GB67
Artwork by WantedWaifus_JM

High resolution (3000x4650)

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