Almighty Endowed

Escaped from prison again, Dr. Nina Dowd (alias the Mighty Endowed) has made another attempt to overcome the inherent limitations that come with her super powers. Certain that it is her destiny to be a powerful super villain and conquer the planet, she used her latest stooges to support her on her way to STAR labs where her hypnotic assets quickly gave her control of many of the world's greatest scientific minds.

When Dowd learned of a new growth formula being developed by the lab, she theorized that her handicap would be lessened if her entire body was amplified like her endowments. However, the formula worked much better than expected and Mighty Endowed now towers over downtown Metropolis, loudly listing her demands to the world.

With the Justice League off planet on an interstellar mission, it falls to the younger heroes to face her - and some of them are very eager to face the madwoman's endowments!

Story by Avalian
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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