Am I Mature Enough, Master?

While inside Ainz Ooal Gown's chamber room, Ainz and Albedo had gotten into an argument regarding her shameful actions over the past few weeks. As the conquering over neighboring countries had succeeded with little effort, due to Master Gown's sheer will and power, Albedo's lustful succubus nature had increased far past what Gown was used to dealing with in his normal day-to-day routine. So, after two weeks of non-stop sexual harassment, Gown had finally had enough and demanded to speak with her alone. He could conquer entire countries by simply uttering his name. Surely he could get Albedo to act like the respectable leader the floor guardians needed and stop embarrassing him!

Once they were alone in the throne room, Gown could tell Albedo was already in heat and ready to pounce with all her might. So, before she could even rush him, Gown cast an odd spell he remembered from back when this world was merely a video game he played...


Albedo paused as an odd sensation washed over her body. Her lust for Gown was still there, but she was unable to move. With a soft breath of relief, Gown believed the problem was solved, and he apologized for casting a spell on her without her permission. Gown turned to leave the throne room... but stopped as her heard the speed of Albedo's breathing rapidly quicken!

"Oh master, I can feel my lust for you growing inside me! It's just so much!" Suddenly, Albedo's height began to increase rapidly... and it was quickly made very clear that her clothes were not going to change with her. Rips and tears quickly formed across the busty succubus' wardrobe as she moaned with delight. Frozen still and speechless, Gown could only watch as Albedo continued to grow. Soon she was so tall that she had to get down on all fours and arch her back (which caused her butt to press against the ceiling). Her growth seemed to be endless. As she allowed her large breasts to touch the icy stone floor, what shreds of her clothes remained ripped apart and fell to the side. She looked straight into Gown's soul with a hungry and lustful expression and the yellow, glowing eyes of a demon.

"Am I mature enough, master?" Albedo asked simply as her growth continued and before she pounced onto the man she's lusted for more than other...

Story by RedAceGod
Artwork by Danusko

High resolution (2480x3508)

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