Amber's Ass Chamber

While Amber had a lot of fun and the portals affected a lot of people... not all of those that were shrunk were male. Some females were unfortunate enough to be also be taken down to size.

The redhead had found her way to her old cellmate and Amber... oh... Amber... it had been some time since she felt proper stimulation. Eating people was fine and all, but that feeling you get when you take someone small and you bully them up inside your rectal cavity?

Amber gave the tiny Redhead a teasing lick teasing. "Hmm... like a cherry lollipop." Amber chuckled cruelly before cramming the redhead head first up her thick, warm, and sweaty sphincter. Amber groaned, doing her best to try and keep quiet as her asshole lapped up the tiny redhead. "Such a tasty treat."

Her stomach churned. The distress came from the piss-poor prison food she had eaten earlier and now she could feel a harsh pressure building in her colon. "Gotta rectify my rectum!" Amber joked as she bit her bottom lip and winced her eyes before blowing out a hot fart right into the tiny redhead's face.

"Ugh..." Amber groaned "Prison food... is the worst." Amber fanned the air to dissipate the smell before quickly clenching and slurping up her tiny red treat into her asshole and closing her off from any light.

"I wonder... if I keep you in there, will ya just digest...?" Amber pondered the question for a moment, but the thought left quickly after another fart and her orgasm subsided.

Story by Illuminaughty
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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