An Out of This World Growing Experience

Linda slammed the back door to her house behind her as she carried out the garbage. “Watch the damn Yankees for all I care,” she muttered under her breath. She was tired of her husband Jeff shutting her out when baseball season came knocking. He would lock himself inside his den, and then try to treat her like his personal maid. “Get me a beer. Hurry, and take my plate away before the commercials are over." Of course, the disrespect didn't just stop with her, "No, I can’t come out and see your parents. The game is on! Tell them to go away.”

Linda sighed as she tossed the garbage into the dumpster and started to drag the can towards the street. The garbage truck would be here in the morning, and she knew Jeff wouldn’t do it because he was "busy" researching the Yankees next opponent. She used her free hand to push her blonde bangs from her face, which covered up her blue eyes. She missed the old days when Jeff was willing to whisk her off her feet, back when sports didn’t come between them.

Linda set the dumpster by the side of the road and dusted her hands off on her blue jacket, “Time to go back in and deal with my husband.” She took a few steps back towards the house when a strange noise caught her attention. It sounded like a mix of grinding motors and a horrible remix of the music that the college students down the street liked to blast. She looked around in the dim light, expecting to see some someone, or any signs of life, but she was alone. She shook her head as the noise vanished, “That was strange. I guess I just imagined it or one of those college students is trying to play some elaborate prank on me.”

Linda took another step when the strange sound boomed overhead once more. She held her hands over her ears and caught a glimpse of a strange, circular object as it rocketed though the sky from between the clouds, lights shooting out of it like a Christmas tree. Linda let out a gasp as she watched the object streak across the sky and out of sight in mere seconds.

She stood there, her skin crawling before she worked up the courage to run inside, screaming for her husband “Jeff. Jeff!” He yelled back at her, “Quiet. We are up to bat.”

Linda ran into the living room. “This is serious.” He tried to look around her, his brown eyes darting from side to side. “Can you not stand in front of the television? I don’t want to miss a second of the game. I have been over this a countless number of times.” She doesn't move, “Will you just listen to me? I just saw a UFO outside.” Not paying attention to what she just said, he continued to move his head around trying to see the TV, “Yeah, yeah. Now will you move? I am sure what ever happened on your television program was exiting.”

The crowd on the television screamed. “Dammit, what the hell did I just miss?” Linda moved to the side. “You don’t believe me do you?” For a brief moment, he looked at his wife “Of course I...” but then he looked at the screen. “Oh my god, yes. Run, run, run. Go go, go.”

Linda rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. She was very familiar with what he sounded like when he would just agree with her so she would leave the room and he could watch the game, "I know what I saw. That was a real UFO. And I am going to prove it."

The next morning Linda went around town searching for anyone that would have seen the UFO like she did. Despite Jeff telling her that she was crazy, she knew what she had seen, and she was determined to go out and prove it. She couldn’t have been the only one out last night who had seen that crazy craft flying about. It was out in the open for everyone to see! Yet, as the day wore on, her confidence dwindled. Time and time again she would be told she was crazy, a conspiracy theorist, or that she had just been out too late. One of her neighbors even had the audacity to ask if she had been using drugs the previous night.

When she finally arrived home at the end of the day, she was in dire spirts. The entire town now thought she was crazy. She was tired of hearing people laughing at her, saying she needs to check into a mental hospital, or worse. However, she knew what she had seen was real, "I know what I saw. I am not crazy. Why didn’t anyone else see it? The UFO was out in the open, in plain view."

She walked into the kitchen where Jeff was waiting for her with his arms crossed. His eyes narrowed at her as she entered, “Why did I get a multiple of calls about you stirring up the town today? Why can’t you just let this go?” This was the last thing Linda needed after a long, hard day, “Because I saw a UFO and I am trying to prove it. Why won’t you, or anyone else, believe me?” Jeff pulled at his short brown hair. “Because it is crazy. I had to turn away a police officer today because he was worried my wife had gone off the deep end. You are scaring people, Linda.” This was getting frustrating for Linda, “Me just trying to prove that this is real is scaring people?” Linda wasn't the only one getting frustrated though, “Believing in fiction like it's reality is freaking people out. You need to take a chill pill about this before things escalate.”

Linda formed her hand into a tightly clenched fist. “I didn’t imagine this. There was a UFO flying over our house last night.” Jeff grabbed her by the shoulders, “No, there wasn’t. I am trying to help you. Let this go. It isn’t worth it. You aren’t on drugs like the Jammersons think, right?” She turned away from him in disgust, “How could you even ask me that? You are the one person that is supposed to believe me.” She put her hand to her head as she shook it, “I know what I saw.” He tentatively put his hands on her shoulders, “Look, this will be all right. Just have some wine, and let’s forget the whole thing.” She quickly spun around, “I won’t forget the whole thing. I will prove it to you.” He started to speak, “Honey-” but she cut him off “Get in the car. It is getting dark we don’t have much time.” She moved towards the door and heard “Linda..." but when he didn’t follow, she ran back into the room and pulled him outside, “Come on.” Begrudgingly, he started to go with her, “All right, all right. I will come, if anything just to help show that this is nothing but your imagination and that you should drop the whole thing.”

Linda opened the door of their blue car and started it as her husband clambered into the passenger seat. She didn’t wait for him to buckle before speeding off into the distance. “Slow down Linda” he exclaimed, but she didn't pay him any mind. She drove all around town as night started to fall, but found nothing. There was no sign of last night's other worldly visitor. Frustrated, she widened her search to the fields and woods that neighbored the small town. Jeff turned on the radio to a Yankee news station and looked out the window, tapping his finger on the doorframe. After a good hour of driving, Jeff finally asked “Aren’t you ready to head home? We can’t be out here all night.” Linda responded, “Just going to check one more road” while Jeff started getting a little impatient “We are in the middle of the forest. I can barely see the sky at this point. Come on, honey. Let’s go home. You can give me a nice back rub while I listen to sports center.”

A familiar strange sound filled the air. Linda brought the car to a sudden halt, causing Jeff to almost hit his head on the dash. She turned off the radio, which caused Jeff to complain “Hey. I was listening to that.” Linda quieted her Husband “Quiet. Listen.” Jeff objected “I don’t hear any. . . What is that?”

Linda stepped out and walked outside, looking for a space in between the trees, “Over here.” Jeff stepped out of the vehicle, “Wait up.” Linda rushed off to the open clearing as the noise increased, hurting her ears. Jeff joined her, looking around with a worried look on his face. “What the hell is that noise?” Suddenly, the UFO appeared overhead, hovering over them. Linda pointed up at it, “See, I was right. I wasn’t crazy.” Jeff was in shock, “Holy crap. I am sorry that I doubted you, honey. I don’t know what to say.”

The UFO suddenly vanished, leaving them alone. Jeff looked at his wife, taking a deep sigh before hugging her, “I am sorry. I should have believed you from the start.” Linda looked back towards her husband, “I told you I was telling the truth. I told you I wasn’t crazy.” Jeff shook his head “No. No, you weren’t. Look, I know that I can be a bit obsessed about sports and such. I ugh...” Jeff paused and Linda asks “Yes?” Jeff continued “I will try and make more of an effort in the future not to shut you out over sports. I can’t imagine what else I have missed because I have been watching that damn TV." She hugged him, “I love you too.”

Jeff started walking back towards the car, “Ok, let’s go home.” She stayed behind, looking up to the sky “I am just going to wait here a minute if that is ok.” Jeff nodded, “Sure, I will keep the car warm.”

Suddenly, the roaring sound of the UFO reappeared, and the vessel was hovering right above Linda. She looked up at the craft, transfixed. Jeff turned around and screamed at her, “Linda, run.” But before she could move, a strange beam fell upon her and she started to rise up into the craft. The strange yellow light dimmed her vision, and she felt herself start to drift off. The last thing she remembered was Jeff yelling her name.

Linda awoke on her bed to sunlight shinning on her face. She slowly sat up and found she was fully dressed in a blue jacket and jeans. She shook her head, “What happened to me?” She walked to the door of her bedroom when Jeff opened it and said “You are finally up. Thank goodness.” Linda ran her hands though her hair, “I don’t remember what happened.” Jeff hands her a cup of coffee, “Here, drink this. You have been out for almost a day.” Linda was surprised to hear this, “I have what?” She took a deep sigh and a sip of her coffee, “Wait... I was abducted last night, wasn’t I?” Jeff seemed conflicted, “Yes and no.” Linda stared at him for a moment, then asked “What do you mean by that?” Jeff then admitted to her “I watched you as you were taken away by that blasted UFO, but that was four days ago. I found you yesterday, and you just woke up today.”

He put his hand on her knee, “Look, I am sorry that I didn’t believe you. If I did, maybe I wouldn’t have almost lost you. Please, from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry.” Linda smiled, “Oh, Jeff.” She reached out and hugged him, “It’s ok. I love you. I am just happy that you finally believe me.”

Jeff stood up, “So, they didn’t do anything to you, right?” Linda looked confused, “Hmm?” And so Jeff elaborated “I mean you hear in fiction all the time that alien’s experiment on people. They didn’t’ touch you, right?”

She scratched at her head. “I am not really sure. I can’t remember everything that happened. Maybe?” Jeff smiled, “Well, it doesn’t matter. You are back, and that is the important thing.” Linda smiled back at her husband “Of course.” She reached out and kissed him, her body tingling. She pulled back, shivering. Jeff looked at her in confusion, “What? Do I have bad breath?” Linda briefly shook her head, “No, I just feel strange all of a sudden. I remember now. They did experiment on me.” She stood up, a little frightened, “What if they did something to me?” Jeff tries to calm her, “Calm down. We will just take you to the doctor later today to make sure you are all right.” She nodded, “You are right.”

That's when Linda noticed something and then crossed her arms, “Why are you starting at me like that?” Jeff responded “Linda you are growing.” This made Linda laugh laugh “That is crazy. I can’t—owww. My clothing is starting to hurt.” Linda looked down as her jacket sleeves started to travel up her arms and the celling came closer to her head. “Oh my, I am growing. Jeff, what do I do?” Jeff shrugged, “I don’t know.”

Her feet burst through her shoes, as her jeans started to tear. She tried to get her jacket off, but it was too small to slip off her growing body, and it too started to rip and tear, with buttons flying off and hitting Jeff. Linda apologized “I'm sorry. Oww. Oww.” Her head hit the celling as her jeans ripped apart. She reached down trying to cover herself, but the movement caused her jacket to rip in two, leaving her in her bra and undies, “Jeff?” Jeff was in total shock, “Umm, I will think of something.”

Linda bent down as her bra started to tear. “Hurry.” Jeff started moving “I just need to get downstairs. Maybe something down there can stop you from growing.” Before he could get out the door though, Linda’s growing right arm moved in front of the door, “Linda, let me out.” Linda tried, but she couldn't, “Ugh. I can’t. I am running out of room.” Her bra suddenly snapped off, followed by her undergarments. Jeff looked up at her in awe, “Honey, you are naked. I think you are growing into a giantess.”

One of Linda’s arms burst out of a window and the other pushed down the door and into the hallway. The house started to shake from her growing mass and she responded “If I am, then why couldn’t I have done so outside? This poor house.” Suddenly, the floor couldn’t support her weight anymore, and she fell to the first floor of the house, but that didn’t solve her problems as her growth accelerated. Unhindered by the house for the moment, her body shot out in all directions, quickly hitting the interior of the house once again. Linda gritted her teeth as she pushed against the barriers of the house, “Let me out.”

Her body burst out with a sudden motion, causing her home to fall apart around her body. She looked around for her husband, “Jeff?” But her body quickly outgrew the rubble, and her hands became so large that just trying to search for him she would be at risk of crushing him. Below in the rubble, Jeff wiggled his way out of the rubble to see his wife, who was a hundred feet and still growing, “Linda.” He tried to get her attention, but he was just to small. Instead, he ran over and jumped onto her growing foot to avoid being crushed by it. Up and up she went. As she grew, her nipples hardened, and she noticed her breasts were growing at a faster rate then she was. She held her hands to her boobs as they expanded out, becoming large, heavy and bouncy, as her head passed through the sky line. “Oh my, is this real?” By the time she was done growing she could see for miles.

Looking in any direction, Linda could spot a multiple of the nearby towns though the clouds that were chest height with her. She looked down at her breasts. Though they seemed to be more the size of tanks. “If only I had something to compare them to. They are massive. I am massive. I must be five hundred feet tall. She felt something prickling her left foot. Carefully, she bent down and found her husband trying to scale her. With her right hand, she carefully picked him up, “There you are, honey. Man you look like a tinny little nat.”

She couldn’t hear him as she raised him up near her head. “Well, I guess you will be having much more of me to love from now on.” She smiled, “Isn’t it wonderful?” She looked down at the town below and addressed them “Now do you believe that I saw a UFO, or no?” She bent down so she could see her street, which looked like the dwellings of bugs now. “No one believed me when I said I saw aliens. You all said I was crazy. On drugs!”

She used her finger to effortlessly level the Jammersons' house, “Well, oopsy. I guess I don’t know my own strength now.” Linda narrowed her eyes. “I think I should do more then payback the Jammersons. You all told me I was crazy.” She slammed her hand down crushing a good portion of the suburban district. She laughed and then focused her attention towards downtown, “We can’t just leave you all out of the fun.” She stood up and walked towards the center of town, stepping on anything and everything in her way. Gestations blew up beneath her toes, tickling her feet, houses and business were crushed.

Eventually, she came to the center of town and the buildings that were seventy feet tall. Even then they only came up just past Linda’s knees. The first skyscraper she kicked down laughing, “That will teach you all for not believing me.” She then picked up the nearest skyscraper and threw it into a nearby building. The building bounced off of the the top of the building, and then went right into the neighboring building. Linda laughed and took a step forward, only to trip on a piece of debris and loose her balance, “Whoa.”

Suddenly she tripped, falling down onto the town and crushing it with a body slam. Dust and derbies flew everywhere as she made a massive dent in the earth, demolishing the town. Afterword, she pushed herself up and looked around. The town was in ruins, the people who had laughed at her had paid. She then remembered Jeff and she looked in her hand. He was still safe and sound. They would have to find a new place to live now that she had destroyed her home town, but that was ok. A giantess like her could easily pick where they would spend their lives together going forward.

Story by mevalen
Artwork by Studio Arieta

High resolution (3300x4960)

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