An Unexpected Connection

The mission was supposed to be simple. A woman named Maxine had injected herself with her own formula, giving her the ability to grow to enormous size. She wanted to try being a superhero, but unfortunately due to her inexperience, she was causing more problems than helping.

Marie was sent in to subdue her and was able to knock her out relatively quickly thanks to her experience fighting giant creatures. However, during the fight, Maxine had managed to score a lucky elbow into Marie's face knocking her into a transmission tower causing her suit to short-circuit, leaving her unable to shrink back to her normal size until it was fixed. With nothing better to do, Marie sits and waits as the engineers set themselves up and start fixing her suit.

Meanwhile Maxine, the wanna be hero, begins to gain consciousness, notices Marie's situation, and then decides to start up a conversation. At first, Marie is stand-offish, not wanting to engage and would rather just go home, but it's not long before Marie starts growing fond of Maxine (going by the moniker Maximise) as she continues to talk and provide Marie company while her suit is being repaired.

Story by Bob Loblaw
Artwork by Seduction Studio_Celestin

High resolution (4961x3425)

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