Anemo Release

"Oh my, that is not what I expected" Lisa said as she stared at the three giantesses now before her. Jean, Amber, and Lumine all were sitting outside of the cathedral of Monstadt, looking around very worried.

"Lisa, What just happened?" Jean asked.

Amber was a bit more worried about everyone else as she asked "Wow, We're huge now! We didn't hurt anyone right?" Lumine looked around to make sure everyone was okay, "I don't think we did."

Jean looked down at Lisa. "Lisa, I do hope you have a fix for this, or else this is going to be a big problem." Lisa looked around at all three of them before saying "I will see what I can do." "Good, I do hope it doesn't take to lo-" Jean was cut short by a loud groaning sound. Jean looked down at her stomach as it moaned. A concern look appeared on her face as she heard more groaning, but this time from Amber and Lumine. All three girls looked worried now, as the noise moved down to their butts.

Lumine grabbed the top of her butt as Amber grabbed her stomach. Lisa turned around "What is wrong?" Jeans starts to answer "Oh, no. I think our lunch is-" but could not even finish her sentence before it happened. All three girls moaned as they released their farts. Gas quickly floods all around Mondstadt as the girls continued to fart.

All three massive farts seem to finally stop, but Jean and Amber both release one final burst of a fart as Lumine lets out little puffs of gas. Jean covers her face as she says "I can't believe I just-" cutting herself off. "That felt good." Amber said as she sighed in relief. Lumine just sat in silence, unable to speak.

Lisa continued to stare until the smell hit her, and it was bad. Lisa waved her hand in front of her face and said " I need to fix this as soon as I can" So, she starts to walk away before looking back and saying "Before they need to release again...."

Story by bluefire121
Artwork by WantedWaifus_Tristan

High resolution (3000x4650)

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