Anime Accurate Cosplay

It was a small town convention where Kim decided to dress up as her favorite anime character: Moe Kyun Chan. In the show, Moe-Chan would call upon a beam of light that would hit her horn and make her grow so that she could fight all of the different kaiju that attacked her planet. Kim's cosplay was near perfect, even down to the horn.

Not too many people had heard of Moe Kyun Chan in this small, rinky-dink convention, but they were mesmerized by Kim's beauty... as well as her boldness to dress so scantily in such terrible weather.

A lightning bolt tore through the ceiling, hitting Kim's horn. Suddenly, Kim found her cosplay of Moe Kyun Chan becoming more accurate that humanely possible!

Story by F-Kid
Artwork by r2roh

High resolution (5100x3300)

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