Ant-Man and Wasp: Giantess Surprise 2

After meeting with Bill Foster, Scott Lang and Bill share a little banter about who has grown bigger. Scott assumed that that playful conversation would be the end of the topic.

The Wasp and Ant-Man are currently in NYC and in pursuit of yet another gang of crooks looking to steal Hank's technology. Each have grown to 30ft tall... although yet another suit malfunction has caused Hope's ass to grow slightly bigger in the process.

The bootylicious Wasp looks to Scott and whispers: "What was your record again?" Smirking, an oddly self-impressed Scott responds "65ft, hun!"

Hope chuckles. "Check this out for big!"

With another click of her regulator, Hope begins to grow taller and taller, her breasts and ass growing disproportionately faster than the rest of her figure.

Humiliated and blushing, Scott makes an awkward attempt at flirting and jokes that her ass is the size of 3 city blocks.

Hope raises an eyebrow. "So small? Maybe you need to take a closer look..."

Scott's body freezes in a unique combination of fear and arousal as he realizes that she is going to sit on him.

Story by MrSinister1990
Artwork by r2roh

High resolution (3300x5100)

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