As the Wise Wolf Waits

Holo waits eagerly on the wagon for Lawrence a ways outside of the city walls. He'd left some time ago, yet she hadn't seen him leave. Perhaps he was taking care of some business? Regardless, it wasn't a major concern of hers as to what he was up to, only that he'd been gone for quite a long time.

She nibbles on a sweet red apple, plucked from a small pile in the wagon's bed... unknowingly having sat down upon her shrunken partner. He struggles beneath her, but is barely able to move against her comparatively massive weight. Holo wriggles a bit to adjust herself into a more comfortable position, unknowingly grinding Lawrence beneath her rear.

"Good grief! What could be so pressing that that male could spend such a portion of his precious time whilst leaving a wise wolf such as myself waiting?! Verily, much longer and I shall reduce this delectable supply to naught!"

Story by Tai
Artwork by Wiidstep

High resolution (2300x3179)

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