Astonishing Mr. & Mrs. Parker

Earth-20052 is a unique specimen in the Marvel multiverse.

On this Earth, the modern age of superheroes happened a bit later than in other realities. Through cosmic will (or perhaps contrived circumstances), familiar identities are filled by very different people.

Here the Avengers were founded by Clint Barton, Luke Cage, Natasha Romanoff, Carol Danvers, Matt Murdock and Ororo Munroe (or, as they are more famously known as respectively: Iron-Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Panther).

The team was later joined by the crime fighting duo of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, better known by their costumed alter egos Giant-Man and Giant-Woman. Thanks to the notes left behind by the deceased Doctor Henry Pym, Peter and MJ invented the Parker-Watson particles that allowed them to shrink and grow at will. Deciding to use their discovery to help others, the couple joined forces with the Avengers to battle evil villians like Doom the Conqueror, Baroness Mystique, and Goblintron's Masters of the Sinister.

The struggle against evil never stops... but who says that you can't have fun being a superhero (especially when your partner has breasts big as a train car)?

Story by Mr Red
Artwork by Joseph Caesar S.D.

High resolution (2200x3400)

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