Attack of the 50,000ft Avenger

Mere hours after the battle of New York, Black Widow walked into a section of the helicarrier where S.H.I.E.L.D. was storing Loki's sceptre. She didn't know why she was there... just that she felt a strange calling towards the device. A connection she'd been feeling ever since she'd used it to close Loki's portal...

As the "reformed" assassin started to reach towards the mystical staff, a small blast of energy hit her with enough force to fling her across the room and into a container labelled "Pym Particles: For Further Testing and Research." Natasha groaned as she suffered her way through a massive headache... just before another sensation ran throughout her body.

She could feel her body growing in size! She marvelled as the room became subtly smaller all around her. Her outfit also became ever so slightly tighter against her figure, but she was ultimately relieved to see that her clothing was somehow keeping pace with the majority of her transformation.

Suddenly, her growth's speed accelerated so rapidly that she grew hundreds of feet tall almost instantaneously. Her mind was flooded with a series of confusing and disorienting sensations... until she finally looked down and saw the entirety of New York City beneath her feet and the size of a toy.

It is unknown if what came next was because of Loki's sceptre, another side effect of the Pym particles, or some combination of the two. All that is known is that the impossibly tall Black Widow started to smile with sinister glee once she'd fully processed just how powerful she'd become.

"I guess I can't hide what I really am anymore. I have too much red in my ledger as it is, so I might as well enjoy adding a little more..."

Story by darthbriboy
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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