Attack of the Amazing, Colossal Dr. Blight

Thinking about the name that one of the Planeteers called her when she shrunk them, she thought to herself "Why not make it literal?" Using her size ray, Dr. Blight super sizes herself and has some fun at the local city's expense.

For extra enjoyment, she uses her size ray (now hand-held thanks to her massive size), and decides to shrink the citizens of the city. Unfortunately, due to her size, she can't interact with the tiny citizens. To help with this, she starts employing some female crooks with the promise to super size them depending on how well they do. Excited by the promise of becoming big, they start capturing all the shrunken citizens while Dr. Blight continues to shrink more, and fend off the army that has arrived, super sizing some of minions to help with the destruction

Story by BobLoblaw
Artwork by Shonemitsu + Slasher

High resolution (3508x4961)

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