Attack of the Colossal Mary-Jean

After suddenly growing to a gigantic size, Mary-Jean found herself thrown into a whole new kind of scenario. Now that she was hundreds of feet tall, doing anything as a normal woman seemed pointless: shopping, getting lunch downtown, meeting up with friends. It was all so trivial and pointless for her to even consider, given her humongous size.

However, as she started to move, Mary-Jean noticed the people at her feet dashing away from her, fleeing from her in terror like she was some living natural disaster. Strangely enough, she soon began to appreciate this mentality and started to chase after the fleeing ants beneath her (and even take one fortunate soul for herself in the process because he looked cute).

What could such mere, lowly bugs do to stop a force of nature like herself?

Story by Emerald
Artwork by Jieun

High resolution (2550x3300)

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