B.Y.G. Girls

On Earth-20052, there have been many famous superhero teams through its history. From astounding organizations that are known worldwide (like the Fantastic Four or the mighty Avengers) to more obscure groups (like the secretive X-force and the street level Heroes for Hire).

One of the lesser known and shortest-lived superhero groups was one that the media "cleverly" named B.Y.G. girls. This name was thrust upon the heroic trio for two reasons: all its members were obviously female and could grow to incredible heights.

They were...

Giant-Woman (Mary Jane Watson): Member of the Avengers, co-inventor of the size-altering Parker-Watson particles, and wife of fellow Avenger and scientist Giant-Man (Peter Parker).

The Beetle (Felicia Hardy): An infamous, international thief that can shrink small enough to squeeze through any crack or grow large enough to escape with an entire bank vault tuck away in her cleavage.

Yellowjacket (Ann Weying): Former lawyer and ex-wife of the super-villain Goliath (Eddie Brock) turned size-changing mercenary.

The group was founded after a chance meeting in Miami between MJ and Felicia put them on the trail of a human trafficking ring run by a super-villain known as the Puppet Master (Henry Peter Gyrich), who used mind-controlling clay sculpture to keep his cargo docile. Weary of the two heroines, Gyrich hired Yellowjacket to go after them. However, after a brief fight which ended with Ann getting very familiar with Giant-Woman's butt, she agreed help take down the Puppet Master (although it should be noted that she was also disgusted with his slavery business to begin with, so her motives weren't entirely selfish). Together, the three giantesses stormed Puppet Master's mansion, freeing the prisoners inside and leaving Gyrich and his men for the police.

The B.Y.G. dissolved shortly after, with each woman going their separate way but before having a girl’s night out... one that may or may not have resulted in embarrassing tattoos for all three of them.

Story by Mr Red
Artwork by Milton Estevam

High resolution (3053x4865)

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