Be Careful What You Wish For

Having come home from college for spring break, Sans decides to explore the attic and finds a magic lamp. He rubs it and ends up conjuring a magical genie named Minx. Minx tells Sans that she’ll grant him any three wishes he wants. Who wouldn't take up that offer?

His first wish is to become the hottest person at his school. Without hesitation, Minx turns him into the hottest FEMALE at his school. Given his displeasure at the wish's results, Minx promises to make his next wish exactly what he wants.

Sans then wishes to be taken seriously after school, and not just be treated like some bimbo cheerleader. Minx answers this wish by turning Sans into an intelligent (yet very curvy) businesswoman. Again, Sans is very upset with the out come of their wish. Minx promises that, after the third wish, Sans will be turned back to normal.

Having wasted two wishes trying to be selfish, Sans attempts a more selfless approach and wishes that they could better relate to their mother more. Minx grants this wish by turning Sans into a look-alike of their mother! Minx then takes Sans to show their mother her new daughter. When they appear, Pixie (Sans' mother) looks over in surprise and frustration when she recognizes Minx. Pixie explains to Sans how, years ago, she'd also had wishes granted by Pixie... and that she'd also previously been a man.

Minx offers one extra wish to Pixie (for old times' sake). Pixie thinks about it... and mumbles to herself that she could "wish for things to be simple again or for Sans and I to be men once more..." Without hesitation, Minx snaps her fingers and everyone is taken back to the attic. Sans has been returned to how they were for their second wish... while Pixie has turned into a look-alike of Sans! Still confused about their latest development, both of Minx's "masters" feel their panties growing tighter and tighter. As this newest sensation rocks their bodies, Sans starts to feel different mentally, losing all knowledge or common sense as their brain is overloaded by a hunger for sex.

Pixie looks over in fear as everything starts to change around her. Minx explains that she granted Pixie's wish by taking everyone back 10 minutes to a “simpler time” and made Sans simple-minded as well (being extra generous by offering two simultaneous interpretations of the same wish). She also tried her best to make them men again... but just couldn’t get it quite right.

Pixie screams that this obviously wasn’t what she wanted, only to have Minx snap her fingers with a smile. Immediately, Pixie notices everything around her getting smaller and her clothes getting tighter. Both Pixie and Sans begin to grow taller and taller while their breasts grow larger and larger. Their waists got smaller as their whole lower halves got bigger (in EVERY sense).

As the two of them grow through the roof and become tall enough to touch the sky, Minx looks up with a devilish look and the grin of a job well done.

Story by Regal419
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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