Best Laid Plans

Gregory had planned this little adventure for years, applying himself to his study of advanced engineering and experimental exotic energy manipulation to reach this end goal. It had been hard work, with much of his money pooled into this project, this dream. Long hours had been invested in not only creating his shrinking suit, but also in ensuring no one else found out about what he was doing as he came up with his infiltration plan.

The All-Girls University was very stringent about its security measures. The front entrances were all card-key locked and monitored by a guard 24/7, and the grounds had security cameras nearly everywhere, and it also had fences or walls all along the perimeter. Even the staff members and delivery personnel were only allowed to be female. However, as a result of all of these security measures, plus the exclusivity of the University and its alumni, the dress code and rules of conduct inside of the buildings was notoriously lax. Clothing was often optional, parties were common, and every luxury from spas to gyms to swimming pools were provided inside.... And Gregory wanted in.

With no normal pathways available for him to enter, he had turned to more unorthodox measures. Some might consider inventing a shrinking suit for the sole purpose to perv on hot girls to be a waste of talent, but Gregory had his dream, and he was damned if he wasn't going to follow it. As such, the suit was only half of the equation, the rest had come from long observation and planning.

While the main entrances and walls were impenetrable for him, there was no way to sneak past. However, towards the back of the campus near the dorms was just a simple chain linked fence, and that was his way in.
Sure, the length of the area was marked by cameras, but there were never any physical patrols back there, and he had discovered a sort of blind spot. Across the alleyway, there was a fence that was backed up to a gap between buildings, and if he approached from the end of the gap, he could get close to the fence without being seen on the cameras due to some old trashcans. He would use that cover to get close, and then shrink down with his suit to less than an inch tall. His car parked at the other end of the gap would prevent anyone from seeing down the gap to spot him from behind, giving him total privacy. He would then be able to cross the short asphalt span between the exit from the gap and the fence, at a time when no one would be around. With his small size he would be invisible to the cameras, which were pointed too high to see anything that small or low, and then he could squeeze in through a gap in the chain link fence, and he would be in.

From there it would be a simple enough matter to make his way through the grassy lawn to the dorm buildings, and the security was more lax there, so he would be home free. He had the floorplans of all of the buildings both memorized, and he would also have one inside his suit's pouch so he would never be lost and always know where to go. He even had a GPS system instilled just in case as a backup. There was nothing inside that could detect him so long as he stayed small, and in his pockets he had enough ration bars and water to last him 2 weeks. This was assuming he couldn't supplement his diet with visits to the gourmet cafeteria, which could extend his stay indefinitely. Finally, once he had had his fill, whenever that might be, he would just reverse the process and return to the gaps between buildings across the alleyway. He would grow back and no one would be the wiser.

At last, it was time to implement his flawless plan. Every variable was accounted for. Nothing could go wrong! An hour or so later a resident of the University named Carol was taking a walk around the outside of the buildings to both enjoy some fresh air and a break in her new black leather boots. As she walked through the lawn behind the dorms, she was busy chatting on her brand new smartphone to one of her friends to arrange a meet up. Had she not been talking so animatedly, she might have heard a faint little crunch when she took one of her steps. However, she did not stop talking, so she didn't hear the the noise made by her boot, nor see the black and red speck left behind in her wake. She might have worried about it ruining her new boots, but by a few steps later in the grass the red stain was mostly gone. Even if it wasn't, she could always go out and get a new pair.

Story by Chaosbrain
Artwork by Seduction Studio_Celestin

High resolution (1650x2550)

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