'Better choose fast because your coming to work with me today TINY!'

Lisa lured her boyfriend James back to her apartment for a memorable night of passion. Lisa had recently discovered an old magic book in her Mother's attic and using one of the spells she found a way to fulfil her giantess fantasies by shrinking her strapping, six-foot boyfriend down until he was only two inches tall.
James was a willing participant and enjoyed this unusual night of sex with his (comparatively) giant girlfriend but Lisa didn't want the adventure to end.
First, Lisa insisted that James slept in her underwear drawer. Then in the morning she informed her boyfriend that she had no intention of growing him back until she had enjoyed the thrill of taking her tiny man to work.
Lisa demonstrated three tantalizing choices to her boyfriend of how he could spend the day with her.
One: riding in her cleavage, two: strapped to her shapely thigh in her stockings, or three: tucked into her panties.
She then placed him on the floor whilst she finished getting dressed, telling him that if he didn't pick one by the time she was done, she'd pick it for him!

Artwork by SednaStudio-Wang

High resolution (2480x3508)

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