Between a Giantess and a Hard Place

When Amelia grows tall and gets stuck in the mountain, meaning her normal-sized boyfriend has to save her. However, which will be the greatest challenge: nature, his giant girlfriend, or his own lusty desires?

As James was climbing, it didn't seem to hurt her. Instead there was a bit of... moaning? "Oh, god. This is getting me wet. My love, this feels good, but hurry up." Amelia said while panting and feeling the tickles from her legs being climbed. Her eyes closed as she imagined James as tall as the mountain, slowly moving his fingers up her leg, raising even more until they were reaching her Venus zone.

"I shall profit from this bush I can climb. Now, I'm glad you didn't wax." he said. "You always liked to come down and eat it up, even if it was forested, right?" Amélia retorted, remembering the times when James went down on her, tongue on her belly, down to her v-zone, even though she hadn't shaved.

He was her match to her fire, and now he was a match to her forest fire. "I am horny as hell. Please, say hello to the philosopher there." James said, and then climbed what he had visited with his fingers and mouth many times over. He was not wasting the opportunity of giving a look at it while it was room sized.

Her vagina, which he had gotten a closer to look at several times before, was now bigger than ever. "Are you sure that you want to go there? Best to climb the bushes, no?" She asked. James argued, "I will gain time by entering this, so that I can use the moisture and flesh to propel me upwards, assuming you bend at the right moment.

James entered Amelia's vagina, one step at a time. While holding his grip on her hand sized Clitóris, his feet on her labia, he entered a bit and moved towards a bit of elastic pressure. He was not prepared for her moan and groan reaction.

Her vagina suddenly started to become wider, and he lost his grip to her enormous vagina. With her eyes closed, this reminded Amelia of the times that James penetrated her, his not long but thick member inside her during their lovemaking sessions.

Managing to get up, he got his hands outside her once again, on her labia and clit. "Are you ready, darling?" He asked, to which she answered "Yes." He then says "Push when I move to jump." James used the swollen vagina and her lover's internal movements to propel him upwards to his lover's belly button, that was just a bit bigger than himself.

Story by ScottMatt25
Artwork by ArtSteady_Carmine Arcopinto

High resolution (3300x5100)

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