Big Help

'Ah, welcome welcome... so glad you could make it. Please, carry on into the dining hall, the staff there is almost done with their preparations! Oh... yes, they're beautiful, aren't they? I said to myself 'self, what is the good of being the heir to the company that invented size-changing technology if you can't have a little fun with it.' And this house is certainly large enough to support a rather *ahem* sizeable wait staff, don't you think?' 'Oh, her? Yes, she's new, and a bit shy. Abigail, don't just stand there, say hello to our guests! Curtsey! ... She'll adjust - I admit, I don't mention the fact that they'll be made into giants in the employment applications. It's so much more fun to see how they react to the news in person, you understand. Regardless, I dare you to find any other rich man who can have even the most petite maid move a four-post bed easily! ...why, of course they enjoy it - some of them too much! Odette here can be rather, well, playful' The billionaire laughs. 'Sometimes I think she fancies herself the mistress, and me the servant... well, there would be worse fates, I imagine.'

Story by Daniel L
Artwork by Jieun

High resolution (2550x3300)

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