Borderlands: The BIG-Sequel

Three years after the battle with Handsome Jack and the destruction of Sanctuary, Gaige decided to spend her free time inventing badass new tech. One such invention was a ray that could change one's size. To make sure it worked, she tested it on one of her many bandit test subjects. Thankfully, she was able to shrink him down to 8 inches in size without disintegrating him!

Having confirmed that it worked, Gaige fired the ray at herself, increasing her size to 24 feet tall, and immediately calling the other vault hunters to surprise them. When the other vault hunters arrived, Gaige couldn't help but show off both the tiny bandit and her new size.

While everyone was in awe of Gaige's new invention, the bandit (still incredibly pissed off at being shrunk) snuck his way down Gaige and towards the size ray. While everyone was distracted, the bandit set the machine to its maximum growth setting so that he could grow huge and then get his revenge. However, he screwed up his aim! Upon firing the ray, it instead ended up hitting the Siren Maya, who began to grow so large that she soon filled up Gaige's large workshop, and continued to grow!

Story by Bobloblaw
Artwork by r2roh

High resolution (3300x5100)

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