Bowsette Powers Up

"Oh, YES!" roared Bowsette, spurts of flame flicking past her lips as she cried out in bliss. "I'm so glad I found out that other power-ups will work on me, too! Being so big in this new body feels soooooo good... I think I'll have another bite of this Mega Mushroom, and then I'll stomp Peach's Castle flat!"

"Mario! What are we going to do?!" Peach cried. Bad enough that the Crown had turned Bowser into a near-copy of Peach (whom the Princess refused to even consider might be better-looking than she was), but now the Mega Mushroom had made the she-beast bigger - in more ways than one - and she was still growing!

For his part, Mario was paralyzed with indecision. On the one hand, Giantess Bowsette clearly had bad things in mind for the Mushroom Kingdom. On the other hand, watching her incredible transformation was making him want things that had nothing to do with cake...

Story by Cezar Nix
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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