Calia, Giant Princess

Hoping to pass the time, the princess searched the treasure room. She showed not the slightest trepidation as she rummaged through the sacred relics. Besides, as royalty, everything in it already belonged to her.

Finally, she found a wooden talisman buried under a pile of gold coins and trinkets. Calia took hold of it, and before she could think another thought, something strange occurred. Calia began to grow.

Calia grew larger and larger as the mysterious talisman's curse took hold, until eventually she broke through the castle's plafond. The castle knights clamored about her in shock. Never before had Calia seen eye to eye with the clouds. Never before had she breathed such fresh air. As she looked down upon everyone, she smiled and said "I think I'll go for a stroll."

Story by 1000Shadows
Artwork by Studio Arieta_Tong

High resolution (3300x4960)

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