Car Wash

It was the perfect plan. After Professor Kessler's growth formula funding failed on Kickstarter and he was laughed off the set of Shark Tank, his assistants had a brilliant idea: showcase how well the formula works, and earn the money the old fashion way... a good ol' car wash.
Everything was going perfectly. Several other women volunteered, many drivers came and donated, and they almost raised their goal money for that day. When suddenly one of the assistants has another uncontrolled growth spurt, and grew almost double in size. And she was in charge of holding up the sign for drivers to see the parking lot, so everyone got to see her pop out of her already revealing clothing.
With the number of collisions that occurred, it was a miracle nobody got hurt. But all that money raised will now have to go towards repairs and apologies.
Well, back to the drawing board.

Story by Standard Error
Artwork by SednaStudio-Dai

High resolution (3543x4880)

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