Kyle couldn't believe his luck. Finally, a swipe match! He knew he wasn't exactly god's gift to women. He was a dork all his life, as shy as they came, and skinny to a fault. But he had a place and a job – quite the accomplishment for a kid just out of high school- so he was as surprised as he was discouraged when he found 0 matches in two weeks of Tinder. In fact, Kyle was ready to throw in the towel up until this morning, when he got his first match: Nikki.

And she was hot too! Blonde, fit, curvy... into comic books, tech, and computer games as well!

"Hey there, cutie! Wanna go for a cup of coffee? Meet me at 02 Overpass Yard, cincinnaTi, Ohio, 452 25."

Kyle was shaking with excitement as he approached the dive coffee bar. He hadn't been on a date since freshman year of high school, and that was only because he promised to do her homework for the rest of the year. His luck was about to change! While he was waiting, he couldn't stop thinking how strange her text formatting was. Must've been typos or something... His excitement turned to joy when Nikki arrived, looking exactly like her profile pic.

"Hey! You must be Kyle. I'm Nikki. It's so wonderful to meet you." Kyle opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He was completely choked up. "Aww, frog stuck in your throat? Let's clear it out with a cup of the best coffee in town, my treat!" Nikki said with a wink as she approached the register. After a moment she returned with two cups of joe. "You first," she said as she handed Kyle the coffee. Kyle brought it up to his mouth and took a sip. It was good, but something about it was off. It tasted somewhat bitter… like… too many grounds… or somethi… som…

"Wake up, sleepyhead!"

Kyle opened his eyes to see Nikki staring at him, only she was exaggeratedly big, like 3-4 times bigger than usual. He tried saying something, only to realize he was gagged. When he tried to move, he found he couldn't, as his arms and legs were bound. When he looked down, things started to sink in. He was on a counter, which meant he must've been somewhere between 1-2 feet tall. And that wasn't the weirdest part. Somehow, his penis had grown. It hung down to his ankles, and was wider than both his legs.

"I can see things are starting to sink in for you," Nikki said as Kyle began to squirm and mumble through his ball gag. "You see, that address is actually a front for the operation my mom runs: Boytoy Inc. You see, we recruit lonely, desperate men like yourself, and sell them off to lonely desperate women... who also happen to be rich!" Nikki said. "Oh don't give me that look! I gave you a chance with the address. 02 Overpass Yard, cincinnaTi, Ohio 452 25 – B is the 2nd letter in the alphabet, I capitalized O, Y, T, and O and sectioned off the 25 in the zip code for Y, the 25th letter in the alphabet. That spells Boy Toy - get it?" Nikki giggled as she stood up and clapped in amusement. Kyle looked at her in disdain, before hearing a jingle at the door.

"Oh, that must be your new owner, Susan!"

In walked one of the largest women Kyle had ever seen. She looked to be in her late forties, with brown hair in a short pixie cut and somewhat fair skin. She was wearing a tank-top and jean shorts. Kyle had guessed that she was a good amount over 6 feet tall, as she had to duck slightly to avoid hitting her head on the doorway. But she wasn't just tall, she was quite fat, with the biggest rear end he had ever seen. Susan looked like the type of lady that started out with a huge rear end, then years of sitting and overeating caused her ass and thighs to balloon out to the elephantine butt she sported today. Her hips practically scraped the doorway as she walked in, and her jean shorts strained to cover the entirety of her ass.

"Is the little guy ready for me?!" Susan yelled out. Kyle stared in awe as her thighs and ass jiggled with each thunderous step. Either the counter was low, or Susan was taller than he had thought, for as the mammoth woman approached him he found himself staring straight at her meaty cameltoe. "Oh my gawd, he's perfect!" Susan guffawed in a harsh NY accent as she reached out to assess her purchase. Her meaty paw gripped the scrawny little Kyle as she grabbed him around his waist, squeezing his impossibly large dick in-between his legs as she brought him up for inspection. Susan wasn't ugly per se, but she certainly looked her age, from frown lines from years of living, to the very fine peach fuzz on her upper lip and chin which only someone as small as Kyle could see up real close. Nothing out of the ordinary, but to a shrunken young man it was jarring.

"And look at that monster between his legs! I don't know how you do it, but my gawd, it's not even hard yet?! I kinda want to size him up before I walk out. Can you get him hard for me? I'm so glad I went for the boner control upgrade." Susan stated as she handed him to Nikki.

Within seconds, Nikki had pumped his dick to rock hard before she set him back on the counter. Susan then turned around and stuck her enormous butt out as Kyle's oversized manhood saluted her. She backed up until her enormous cheeks made contact with the tip of his dick. Susan looked over her shoulder and grasped his chest as she began rubbing his manhood up and down her enormous crack. "Would you look at that, he's so small I bet he could fit entirely in my asscrack." Susan laughed along with Nikki. "Not only that, but he's so perfectly sized that if I wanted a change of pace I could use half his body for a dildo." Kyle was terrified at the thought of this fat bottomed behemoth half again his age using him as her sex toy, but there was literally nothing he could do.

That night, Susan rode him hard. She rode him so hard and for so long that Kyle was literally imprinted in the ass crater Susan left behind on the bed. He cringed at the feeling of her full bush scratching against his entire lower body as the rest of him lay completely flattened under her oppressive ass. She thoroughly enjoyed herself at his expense, over and over again. He kept trying to get soft, but he couldn't. They changed him to the point where he had no control over his penis. No, that was all Susan's control. And she took full advantage of this. She worked him over so hard, and so many times, that she passed out with him still beneath her. By now it was morning, and he had barely gotten an ounce of sleep from the oppressive weight and occasional revolting emission, not to mention the snoring. Little did he know that Susan was about to wake up from a night full of rest, ready to give him another go. Kyle whimpered as Susan began to stir, and the giant butt that overlooked him began to roll back over. Was she awake yet? Kyle couldn't tell, but there was no escaping his morning wood, and the oppressive activities that were destined to follow.

He had been catfished.

Story by Jsm109
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (3424x4758)

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