Chelsea's Warm Breeze

Chelsea Davers and Jack Lowe, a pair of the world's top spies, are currently on a high stakes mission to neutralize a serious threat. After a sudden change in plans, Jack finds himself shrunken inside Chelsea's panties and wedged in between her butt cheeks to remain hidden from prying eyes.

Chelsea had been standing at the bar that was inside the estate of Maria Montello, a ruthless criminal and target for their mission. Jack had ended up being the reluctant passenger of Chelsea's giant butt through a series of mishaps. He was airing his grievances to Chelsea through their earpieces, but she was having none of it.

Their quiet discourse had caught the attention of an enemy agent who was standing in as the bartender. His employers were not allied with either Chelsea and Jack, or Maria. He was looking to create an opening for his own plan. He decided the best way to do this would be to draw attention towards an enemy. When Chelsea ordered a mineral water, it gave him the opening he was looking for.

He discretely mixed a drug into her drink that causes strong intestinal discomfort. Accepting the beverage and taking a large swig, she focused back to her earpiece and Jack's bellyaching. She began walking to an isolated corner of the room, carrying the drink and her passenger along, "My body is always used to complete missions while you get to do the fun stuff, like hacking. Don't complain now when you get the tail-end of the deal." Chelsea chided.

"Well, you've never been trapped with a butt that's one hundred times your size." Jack countered. "It's just a part of the body." She threw an old argument of Jack's about how it's just the human body and shouldn't be a big deal back at him. "Think about how many gross old men I've had to get close to for missions. At least my butt is a beauty."

"It is not. It's gross and I want out." Jack whined indignantly. "I'm sorry you feel that way." Chelsea snapped back. "Now, there is one more thing I need to do while we're alone. Something I've been holding in. Brace yourself, Jack. Get ready for a warm breeze." She said teasingly.

They say that the universe has a sense of humor. Well, the timing of this sequence couldn't have been better... or worse. Chelsea had intended her words as a joke to remind Jack of his current position. That was before the drug kicked in. It started as a grumbling in Chelsea's stomach that quickly advanced to a strong cramping. Caught off guard, she folded her arms tightly over her mid section while bending forward, squeezing her barely concealed breasts together in the process.

Jack witnessed the loud rumbling that seemed to be descending closer and closer. Chelsea felt a bubble of pressure settle at the exit and couldn't hold back anymore. A fart ripped through her rear, loud and long. The hot wind blew Jack out from between the massive cheeks and against the inside of the panty wall. The bubbly storm winded died down a dozen seconds later, and an oppressive air settled inside the underwear.

Chelsea looked around desperately for a bathroom to escape the eyes she felt burning her skin. She quickly spotted one and power walked that way, breezy puffs of air seeping out of her behind with every step. She had to hurry, there was another wave approaching. She needed a place to remove Jack before he suffocated. And to apologize profusely.

Story by TheLanLine
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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