Civil War: Alternate Draft

'Razza frazza mazza crazza ants and spiders coming together bullshit!'

'What's that? I couldn't really hear you down there! I can FEEL you alright, your flailing on my glutes seems to finally be dying down, but any actual coherent speech seems to be a tad muffled here. But hey, just hang tight, I'm sure some one will be coming to arrest you. And hey, feel free to resume the massage treatment down there, I actually was starting to enjoy it.'

'... As embarrassing a defeat as this is, I guess I should be happy I'm not under a dude, or that you have chronic flatulence. Or that this is what fell on me back then, getting messed up from some giant babes rump? Yeah, never live that down.'

Story by crossbones6732
Artwork by Tentaskul

High resolution (3300x5100)

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