Combined Bach Party

In this alternate universe, shrinking technology is prevalent and used for a wide array of purposes. For example, an entertainment company in Las Vegas utilizes the shrink tech to provide bachelor parties and bachelorette parties with the intention of creating unforgettable and wild nights. One bachelor party is paired up with a bachelorette party scheduled for the same evening to enjoy the night in unison. However, there is one twist to the combined bach party package - all members of the bachelor party are shrunken down to the size of a doll, and must accompany the bachelorette party on their drunken escapades throughout the evening.

The deal is alluring to many men as it is quite cheap, and allows them to get into clubs much more easily. They may even get lucky and receive the classic strip tease... or perhaps even more.

There are several package options with different return deadlines. This particular bachelorette party opted to return all their shrunken companions the next morning.

Some of the girls are tipsier than others at this point, but all the little men can expect tonight to be one wild ride.

Story by nit3hawkz
Artwork by Altercomics-German Erramouspe

High resolution (2377x3485)

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