Cool Cute Curious Cats Come Converse In Controversial Yet Comedic Circumstances

It's amazing, one day, you wake up, you greet the morning sun with a calm expression or groggy groan, you step outside, you find out a close friend with feline characteristics and a bit of a problem with maturity has experienced a massive change. You try to reason with the childish close friend and get her to see the reason in controlling her impulses, things are manageable.

Then, as you are doing your job, with your aforementioned close (but childish and totally disregarding of most consequences) friend who is now a bit over fifty feet tall, you stumble across someone else who is experiencing the same problem, right down to the hugs of doom and the kisses that engulfed your entire body.

How bizarre!

Naturally, you want to avoid sharing your burden, no matter how similar, but your close, and did we mention, totally immature friend picks you up and runs (straight through several buildings we might add), to greet her fellow giantess. Instead of doing her job, she decides to introduce herself, and, in an admittedly embarrassingly high priced way, you, fill up on food and drink while chatting up ways to have fun together.

'...And that catches us up to right now.' Toshiro finished calmly, any anger, fear, or disbelief just squeezed out of him by his co-worker's sword spirit's womanhood.

'If it makes you feel better,' Jim said in a consoling matter, 'This isn't the first time this has happened to me, so at the very least, I can give you a few pointers how to go with the flow.' Jim paused here as Aisha belched a little, the skeleton of a shark flying out of her mouth.

'I think I'd like that. At the very least, I wouldn't say today has been all bad.' Toshiro admitted as Haineko's drunken purrs soothed his fried nerves, already healing from meeting his double in life, who apparently had to also put up with a red haired, drunken co worker who never did their share of the work.

Huh, small world.

Story by crossbones6732
Artwork by SednaStudio-Xue

High resolution (2550x3480)

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