Corporate Takeover

Emily was the gorgeous, new president of the company, and most people loved her. She was beautiful, and although she was in her 40’s, most people were shocked to hear she was over 30.

Josh’s father was the company president before the takeover. He had a very comfortable job there, as did his friends Aaron, Kevin, Greg, and Luke. They all hated Emily and wanted to remove her from her position somehow.

Luckily, Emily had heard about this before they could do anything. She asked the five young businessmen into her office for a meeting and then she immediately shrunk each of them to an inch tall with the wave of a finger. She collected them and set them on her desk. Although Josh tried to beg, there was no use. Emily needed these young men gone. So she started gobbling them up one-by-one.

Story by EztieEtsie
Artwork by Studio Arieta_Yuan

High resolution (3300x4960)

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